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Our Office

Our Office

It is with great anticipation and excitement that I can finally announce the opening of Wrinklesaway by Mindy, Huntingdon Valley’s first luxury Medical Spa. With a state of the art facility and decades of experience, you’d be forgiven for presuming this is just another injectable clinic, but I hope you find it to be so much more. I’ve taken all the feedback you’ve given me throughout my years of service and turned the traditional treatment experience on its head. I created Wrinklesaway to be your respite from the day-to-day, offering a private experience where you can relax in comfortable, home-like surroundings, and most importantly in good hands. We’ll work at your own pace and I’ll teach you everything I know while we get to know each other personally and customize your unique treatment plan. I believe the only true beauty is who we see ourselves as, and with a plethora of options including all the newest injectables and skin care treatments, Wrinklesaway offers whatever you need to


Looking forward to seeing you!

At Wrinklesaway, we know that each person is unique, and we embrace and celebrate differences. We also know that each individual will react to treatments in their own way, and we work to customize each treatment to fit your unique needs. Some will see results right away, while others may patiently wait for redness, swelling, or bruising to resolve before noticing improvements. We recommend a post-procedure, medical-grade skin care regimen to optimize your treatment results, hydrate skin, calm inflammation, and reduce redness. Following these recommendations will restore the moisture barrier and enhance your outcome.

Whether you are making a small change or a dramatic one, the process of going through a cosmetic procedure can be a great time to do some real soul-searching. Our goal is to help you look and feel more confident, and to radiate the natural beauty that is already within you to the world. Ultimately, true happiness lie within, as well. We encourage you to go into this journey with a positive outlook and a mindful approach, knowing that you have the power to be your best self. Embrace and celebrate yourself just as you are, and always “be your own kind of beautiful!”
Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful