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Young Adults Seeking Prejuvenation to Prevent Signs of Aging

In a world where we’re bombarded with “ageless” celebrity influencers and picture-perfect Instagram models, it’s easy to feel pressured to always present a flawless version of yourself. That’s why females as young as 13 are seeking out cosmetic treatments to help improve their appearance and retain their youthful glow. This trend, known as prejuvenation, is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generations, as dermatologists and estheticians are having their offices flooded with patients who want to prevent signs of aging.

What is Prejuvenation?

This is the newest trend to take the cosmetic industry by storm. Young adults are taking preventative steps to avoid the signs of aging by seeking cosmetic enhancements early in life. Whereas in the past, women would wait until their mid-thirties to pursue aesthetic treatments, nowadays, even teenage girls are indulging in non-invasive beauty practices.

The idea behind this school of thought is that it’s easier to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging rather than treat them later in life. Think of it as maintenance for your skin. Most people start losing bone density at 25 years old and continue to lose more as they age. Without bone to relax back into, the muscles in your face will weaken, and wrinkles will appear. By using cosmetic treatments to relax muscles at an early age, it’ll prevent deep wrinkles from setting in later.

What Are Acceptable Treatments?

Prejuvenation treatments can range from plastic surgery to simple skincare. There’s no one-cure-fits-all because different patients require different treatments. For example, some individuals are already losing skin elasticity at the young age of 20, so they come to our luxurious medical spa near Lower Moreland, PA, for Botox brow lifts. Other patients could be older, but exhibit perfect skin, and may only need a touch-up in the form of a microneedling session to bring out their youthful glow. The only way to know for sure which treatment is right for you is to speak with a certified beauty practitioner about your current skin concerns.

With that being said, dermatologists across the nation believe that prejuvenation always starts at home. A good skincare routine is essential in keeping skin young for years to come. That means lather on the sunscreen, get enough sleep, and avoid sugar. Fresh and healthy skin will always accept aesthetic treatments better and fight the signs of aging longer.

To speak with a registered nurse about starting your own prejuvenation treatment plan, contact us now! We are a full-service medical spa located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, offering dermaplane facials, hand rejuvenation, laser treatments, and much more.



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